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Research foundation book

Research behind Oplan

Education technology is wildly vast, touching a variety of fields like pedagogy, child development theories, motivation psychology, the science of change management and so forth.

Because knowledge is in an ever changing state this research foundation is going to be the first of many more.

In this first literature review, you will find a logic model covering subjects like anxiety, resilience and task engagement.

Enjoy your reading!
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Time Management Solution Buyer’s Guide for K-12

This guide provides education leaders with the key considerations to keep top-of-mind when assessing education technology solutions for time management systems.

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“Constant pressure to meet deadlines can create an unhealthy relationship with time [...] This is true for procrastinators or anyone who has to deal with increasing deadlines [...]
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“Knowing how much time has passed is great. Knowing what to do with the time you have left is better.”
- Yann Giroux, CEO

Our approach

Today, there is a wealth of research that can drastically improve how we help students manage and master time for learning and for life. 

Although we are still a young company, it is vital that we base our products and our methodology on field expertise as well as on scientific research to create evidence-based practices. We firmly believe this is how real innovation will be brought to the time management tool industry in the next decades.

Putting student autonomy at the center of our approach, we aim to improve time management by nurturing its roots: learning motivation, self-awareness and task-engagement among others. 

We also work towards making sure that on the day of a test or a written exam our products enable students to put 100% of their energy into the task at hand. Our methodology resulted in a plan that reflects a great optimization of the student's strengths and challenges ; our design allows them to counter time distortion created by stress while keeping them engaged in the task at hand with all the crucial timely information.

Finally, every student is different, has his or her own optimal learning recipe and deserves to discover it as early as possible. That being said, in the next few years we are aiming to address the collateral issue of heavy bureaucracy often required with student differentiation (PIP/PII/IEP, 504 in the US). The process could be more automatic, much less cumbersome, leaving more time for you and your students.
We provide a methodology through our assistive technology to help students become stronger learners and develop a healthier relationship with time.
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OplanTM Web app

Oplan provides students and teachers with the same capabilities as SequenceTM but when using a portable device. In addition, it monitors students’ activity on computers to provide feedback on time use.

With this data, teachers can do a class or individual follow-up with students to give feedback and discuss modification options. Teachers and students can know how they are managing their time and personalize plans to their individual strengths and challenges.

Use OplanTM when doing:

Everything SEQUENCE™ does +
Giving a lesson
Personalizing instructions
Against the clock games with one or multiple teams
Working with special education or special needs students
And more
Oplan's software available on mobile, tablet, desktop and iteractive board.


SEQUENCE™ helps students manage their time and attention, keeping them on task in class and at home.

Use SEQUENCE™ when doing:

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Test prep and examinations
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Essay writing
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Group work
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Project-based assignments
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Home chores, workout, etc.
Sequence with plan
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