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Additional individualized help to accompany during the task

Timer enhanced by content

Special needs or no electronic devices? Sequence complements the application by allowing individualized reading of a printed Oplan plan and giving time cues on the content to be performed, without a computer or internet connection. Perfect for the home, for less equipped or special classrooms and for young people.

Print a planfrom Oplan web app.
Start Sequencein a few seconds
At a glance,know what you should be doing
Sequence plan highlighted
Sequence with plan
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How it works
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How it works, in a few steps

Print in 1 click from google chrome, a formatted plan for SEQUENCE™

Your students will never be this focused!

Plans made with the APP can be printed using the button in the creator. Oplan™ takes care of the rest and formats your plan to make it functional with SEQUENCE™. The length of time for each step is reflected by the proportion of the steps (column or row width), making the plan ready for SEQUENCE™.

gif how to print a plan

Setup SEQUENCE™ in 20 seconds

It's so simple, a 5 years old can do it.

Program the duration of the plan on SEQUENCE™. Place the device over the plan's edge and press play to start doing your plan and have a visuel clue what you should be doing at any giving time of the plan.

Resume reading whenever you like

You will finish your plan tomorrow? We got you.

To resume reading, simply turn off the unit during reading. When restarting, the reading will be automatically resumed.

See delay time

By knowing how much time you spend on a task, you know yourself better.

Look at the end of the plan to see if you are behind on the plan, an easy way to start feedback.

3 daily problems

Performance anxiety

Whether it is small details keeping you from going forward in your task or the fear of not knowing if you’ll finish everything in time.

Limited feedback

Without information about the elapsed time during and after the tasks, no real feedback is elicited.

Obstacle to autonomy

Students are not equipped to take over an assignment in order to develop independence in completing tasks.

Printed oplan bellow Sequence SEQUENCE product image