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Frequently asked questions

Do OplanTM and SEQUENCE™ need to be used together?

Ultimately no. OplanTM app and SEQUENCE™ are two independent products that can be used seperately. However, it is easier when used together and there are multiple benefits in using them both. More on that in the question below.

What are the advantages of using OplanTM with SEQUENCE™?

There are multiple advantages regarding the user’s experience and the level of impact of benefits that can be achieved.

On the user’s experience :
• You quickly have a plan, with the good time proportions for each step, ready to use with SEQUENCE™, no headache involved.
• You can easily modify your plan if you need to adjust steps, information or the time allotted without having to start from scratch.

The use of SEQUENCE™ creates mutiple benefits on it’s own and the same thing can be said for OplanTM app. However, we believe that a certain level of impact can only be achieved when used together.

• The SEQUENCE™ user can contribute in creating the plans, unlocking new opportunities for autonomy, self-regulation, higher motivation, etc.
• SEQUENCE™ makes it easier for students to have a personalized plan on their desk without having them use a computer during the activity or the exam. 


SEQUENCE™ is a personalized time and task management companion for students. Set a time duration and press play. Blue LEDs gradually light up to indicate the progress of the sequence. When the time is up, the LEDs flash to indicate the end. Typically, SequenceTM is attached to a printout plan from OplanTM Software.
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What is Oplan

OplanTM is a web application for creating and managing plans. The tool allows you to add several tasks in a plan and assign a time duration for each task. he reading mode allows you to follow step by step the content of the plan. Performance indicators inform you if you are late, on time or ahead of schedule. At the end, the reading statistics help the user to question himself and improve for the next time.
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What research is OplanTM based on?

Our first completed research foundation is a literature review of knowledge in certain fields of psychology like child development, cognition and perception. However, our entire methodology also considers research from fields like motivation psychology, pedagogy, change management, and psychoeducation. We aim to develop our research force in the coming years with more literature reviews but also with research studies on the effects of product’ use.

What is Oplan’s approach to implementation and support?

With OplanTM, there’s no need for I.T. specialists. You only need a computer and the browser Chrome. Our team provides you with an account and you create child accounts (for example,  students or participants) by inviting them with their emails!

If you need our help, feel free to contact us directly at info@oplan.ca.
Also, depending on the plan you choose, we also offer training and support up to 7 days a week. More information

How is Oplan better than a timer?

Mainly, for three reasons :
• Our products offer timely information as well as information on time passing.
• Rather than directing the user’s attention on having less and less time to complete the task, the time moving forward allows them to address the task at hand here and now. This leaves unnecessary and disabling stress on the sidelines.
• Timers only inform the user about time passing or remaining which may give the impression that going faster is the solution to time constraints. We inform the user on how time is used so that the plan’s structure can be improved based on experience.

Who uses OplanTM and SEQUENCE™?

Every type of student, as early as preschool through college and university. They were also designed to facilitate the job of any type of teachers, instructors and even education support workers like special education technicians.

Where can I find help to use OplanTM Web App

You can find all the tutorials explaining the Oplan web application in the tutorial section of the website. If you have any questions not covered in the tutorials, please write to us at support@oplan.ca.

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