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Technology’s Powerful Impact on ADHD

Each student with an ADHD diagnosis has areas of strength and areas that are more challenging for them. This is why assistive technology is so beneficial to students diagnosed with ADHD.
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Easy Ways to Build Self-Management Skills Among Students in the Classroom

Many schools implement social-emotional learning into their curriculum as a means to provide students with the opportunity to reach the highest part of Maslow’s pyramid. But, we often overlook another crucial skill to develop that self-actualization state: self-management.
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Addressing Special Needs with Assistive Technology. How To Empower Students To Achieve With Assistive Technology

EdTech continues to grow at a rapid rate, and there’s been a steady increase in assistive technologies for students with disabilities and 504 plans as well.
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Digital Equity Isn't Just about Tech - It's About Ensuring that Tech is Designed for All Learners

When we think about digital equity in schools, we think about it in terms of accessibility. Can the students use the education technology in a meaningful way? Can students easily access the technology? Can they build more understanding of the content?
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Get Ready to Get Organized: Daily Routines to Set Your Classroom Up for Success

This blog post will examine the benefits of routines, the most common practices for teachers, and how to implement them in your classroom, even now. Students like predictability because it sets them up for success.
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The Hidden Power in Time Management – What Every Teacher Needs to Know

“If there aren’t any questions, you may begin.”Cue the raised hands, the questions, and the confusion.
Student bored with book over the face (procrastinating)

Procrastination is a learned behavior. Here's how students can "unlearn" it.

Top 5 Ways To Boost Productivity For Every Student In Your Classroom
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Why Pacing Matters for All Students And What Teachers Can Do About it

When classroom routines and procedures are well-established and clear, pacing comes naturally to teachers of all experience levels. Teachers can increase student productivity and ease their own classroom-stressors with organization and scheduling.
A tutor explaining a lesson to a child

Discover Tutorax

If your resolution is to use tutoring services, Tutorax is the solution for you! Available 7 days a week, Tutorax supports your child by providing a tutor to meet their needs. To date, nearly 6,500 students have benefited from their in-home or online services. Here is what they offer.
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A Reflexion Guide: Digital Transformation in Schools

With the acceleration of digital transformation in the school environment, we offer here an introduction to a relevant model to further your thoughts on when, how and why.
Student helped by Sequence device on his desk

Oplan’s new program: The right method and the right tools.

Oplan is committed to designing educational tools that fit into the daily lives of its users. Putting those words into action, we created this new program that could be the perfect fit for you!
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