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Oplan is a smart, mission-driven team of people who understand and care about students and teachers. This was clear from the questions they asked, the approach they choose to take, and the research they continue to do.
Pure Applied cofounder; Roxanne
Roxanne Desforges
Cofounder, Pure & Applied
Meeting inspiring and dedicated people is the privilege that I have had in meeting them. Beyond the product they offer, they provide the services of a wonderfully dynamic team and have a wonderful global vision. Their enthusiasm and openness are greatly appreciated and pushed me to want to get in this adventure with them!
Anick Bégin
Science and mathematics teacher, High School
OplanTM is the first truly relevant and pragmatic tool for both students and teachers that I have endorsed. Designed and developed by educators. Because it really helps to effectively address the biggest challenge students and teachers face on a regular basis: Time Management.
Photo of Ron Canuel
Ron Canuel
Award Winning Educator
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