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Reinforcement to lighten classroom management and foster students' autonomy and time management skills.

Success, one step at a time, plan by plan.

Simple tools to structure, personalize and communicate learning content in a timely manner; an approach to lighten the daily routine of educators and develop learners' autonomy, organization and time management.

Reach your and their learning objectives on time!

Better classroom management


Structured and time-based content


Better working methods

Better working methods


Targeted interventions 



More focused students and targeted feedback to promote success!
Oplan's solutions allow you to structure content and make it customizable through SMART plans for a session, activity or study, to be carried out in class or at home. During the learning process, Oplan facilitates classroom management and promotes focus on the task at hand. Afterwards, Oplan provides solid data on the progress and difficulties of your learners.

What you gain by choosing Oplan

Our two solutions help teachers and students everyday.

Structure your learning into customizable SMART plans

Easily create engaging SMART* sessions or activities with your favorite content.

*Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely

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Lighten classroom management and avoid learning delays

Communicate instructions in a sequenced and explicit manner to minimize repetition of instructions. Your substitutes can now teach the entire Oplan lesson plan to minimize learning delays. Experience a morning routine where each student quickly gets into action and completes their tasks independently.

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Start a session quickly with ready-to-use content

The outline template library allows you to select outlines that include structured content that is ready to use or project on the interactive board.

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Keep students focused on the task for a calmer atmosphere

Time management and task assistance tools keep students focused, provide reminders about the task at hand, and inform the learner about the pace of work.

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Track student progress and obtain solid data on task completion

Time management data of a plan is recorded in Oplan to be able to visualize the easier and more difficult steps of a job. This data is useful for targeted feedback after the task.

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Easily collaborate with colleagues and students with simple sharing

Share plans with a link to a group or individual to allow for customization of plans. Share a session by QR code so that your students can access the content of the plan without having to create an account.

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Classroom reinforcement solutions for teachers.


Oplan allows me to talk less, so the atmosphere in the classroom is quieter. The students are quieter and more independent.
Chantal Lambert photo
Chantal Lambert
Teacher, 6th grade
Feeling calm
Simply brilliant! Oplan allows students to better structure their learning during the period. It's a visual tool too! A plus for special needs students! They ask for more!
Ms. Marie-Ève
Special education teacher
Special needs
Oplan has allowed me to organize my students' work in a structured way! What a great product! Oplan is MY classroom support partner! Breaking up my students' work is easy with Oplan! Oplan is a silent guide for anxious students. Planning takes on a whole new meaning with Oplan. What a support!
Ms. Judy Ann
Teacher, 4th grade
Structure & support
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