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Enter your name, first name, email address and a password. Then read our terms and conditions of use before pressing the "Create an account" button.
Confirm your account with your email
You will receive an email asking you to confirm your Oplan account. After clicking on the "Verify Now" button you will be able to log in to the Oplan application.
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In the login page "" you can simply click on the Google Login button. This will create your account with Oplan. No confirmation is needed.


My plans
The "My Plans" section allows the user to create a new plan from scratch, and access a recently created or modified plan. Some icons give you information about a plan. A purple star will be visible to the left of the plan's title, telling you that this plan has not yet been read. A blue template icon to the right of the plan title tells you that your plan is in your organization's library. A group icon indicates that the plan belongs to a group.
Browse our template library
The "Browse Template Library" section is your organization's set of plan template categories. If you are not in an organization, the categories in the Oplan library will be visible.

Create a plan

Plan configuration
The total duration of the plan must be configured by the user. Note that this duration is present as a global reference, in order to put into perspective the time/space ratio for each step of the plan. Thus, the real total duration of the shot (taken into account during playback) is the sum of the durations of all the steps in the shot. The plan name must also be configured by the user. The shot name will be used to trace the shot through the application. The plan description is configurable when the user saves the plan. This short description of the plan will be visible under the plan name, in order to contextualize the plan.
Add and move steps
The steps of your plan represent its content. Assign a name to your step, as well as a time duration. Then you have the power to add text, images, attach a video with a YouTube link and create dynamic hyperlinks. To move your steps in your plan, simply click + hold, move and release. In more popular jargon, this is called Drag and Drop.

Plan options

Send to Library
This option allows you to send your plan to your organization's library. This changes the status of your plan to that of a template. All users with access to your organization's library will be able to create a plan from your template. When you click the "Send to Library" button again, you have the option to change the location of your template or to remove the template from the library. When your plan is a template, the "Save" button allows you to update the template in the library.
When you click on the "Save" button, you must enter the title of your plan and have the option to add a short description. Then choose the folder where your plan will be saved.
Printing the plan is useful for the Oplan and Sequence methodology. To further your planning experience, place a Sequence timer on the side of your printed plan on an 8.5" x 11" sheet. This method increases the individual's autonomy during a task since their time frame is directly linked to their planning.
Reading statistics
This option allows you to see the reading statistics of your plan. You can navigate between the different readings and compare your results. Each playback is added to the statistics when you exit the playback page. Take advantage of this feature to adjust your plan and improve future readings.
The "Play" button redirects you to the playback page, which is there to help you better manage your time and get statistics.

Play a plan

Digital time stamp
The playback mode allows you to display your plan step by step, using a timer at the top of your screen. You go at your own pace. When it is about to end, the blue bar turns orange to let you know that the end is imminent.
The autoplay mode allows the player to move to the next step without asking the user to change the step manually.
To go back to the previous step, the user must press this button.
The Pause option allows you to stop the chronometer for the desired time. This pause time is not recorded in the statistics.
To go to the next step, the user must press this button.
I'm done is crucial if the user finishes the application of his plan before the configured duration. This feature ends the plan playback and directs the user to the statistics accumulated during the playback.
Controlling the display and sound effects
Sound effects : When a step is completed, a sound is activated to indicate the end of the current step. At the end of the last step, another sound tells you the end of the sequence. To disable the sound effects, click on the button.
Step time bar size : Depending on your preferences, three bar sizes are available.
Text size : If you are reading your shot in front of an audience, enlarging the text size is a very useful feature. Three text sizes are available.
Fullscreen : For a more pleasant reading experience, the full screen option is available. The f11 key on your keyboard activates the same function. To exit full screen mode, click the same button again.
Remaining time : displays the remaining time before the end of the shot.
Performance indicators
At the end of the playback, Oplan gives you a better understanding of your relationship with time and the task you have completed. Based on the time durations of the steps in your plan, the Oplan Reading Summary allows you to see the difference between your goals and the actual durations recorded. This way, you can quickly pinpoint the steps that took more or less time than expected.
Blue color indicates that your step took exactly the same amount of time as your goal. The difference between the actual step time and the goal time is zero.
Green color tells you that your step took less time than expected. The difference between the actual time of the step and the target time is negative.
Orange color indicates that your step took longer than expected. The difference between the actual time of the step and the target time is positive.
Gray color tells you that the step has not been started.
End statistics
At the end of your plan, a statistics page appears on the screen. These statistics allow you to see your performance at a glance. They are counted each time you leave the play page.

My plans

Access all your plans
When you access the "My plans" page, you see the default folder "All my plans". In this folder, you will find all your plans.
Manage your folders
To be better structured, you can create folders in which you can insert plans. If you delete a plan folder, be aware that all plans included in this folder will also be deleted.
Options menu
Use the option menu to play, edit, duplicate, move, rename, view playback statistics or delete the plan.

My groups

Create a new group
Using the "Create a new group" button it is possible to add a group by choosing a name and a description. This information will be visible to the members of the group.
Adding members
When you are on the page of a group, you can add a member with the button "Add a member". Enter the member's email and confirm. An email invitation will be sent to the member, even if the member does not have an Oplan account yet. When the group is opened, on the member's side, the invitation will be confirmed. Until the invitation is confirmed, you can cancel the invitation or resend an invitation.
Share plans with members
To share a plan with a member, click on a member from the list of group members and choose the option "Share plan with member". Then select the plan you wish to share. A copy of the plan will automatically be sent to the member. To send a plan to all group members, choose the "Share plan to group" option from the group menu.
View members' playback statistics
The group owner is able to view the reading results of each plan, for each student. It is possible to see the number of readings done for a plan and navigate between the different readings to see the member's evolution, in relation to a plan.

Template library

Oplan's library
The Oplan Library is the collection of plan templates created by the Oplan organization. Our education experts have done the work to create some ideal plan templates for certain recurring education contexts. Over time, the Oplan library will grow to help you even more!
Your organization's library
This library is probably the one you will use the most, as it contains all the plan templates shared by you and your colleagues. Teachers in the organization can create categories in the library (e.g., Science) to ensure that the templates are organized in some way. After creating a plan, select the "Send to Library" option to list your plan as a template for your organization. To remove this template from your organization's library, you will need to select the option again and then select the red colored trash can.
My Templates
To the right of the library selection, a "See only my templates" option is available to quickly locate the templates you have sent to the library. These templates are marked with a blue avatar in the upper right corner of the template. You can edit your templates or remove them from the library.

Joining an organization

If your school has purchased "Standard" licenses, you can join the organization with an organization code to take advantage of the "Standard" account. Each code is unique, so if you use it once, your colleague cannot use it again, unless you delete your account to release the license.
When creating your account
When creating your account, the last text box is reserved for the organization code. Enter your organization code and when you confirm your account creation, you will be added to your organization as a teacher.
After creating your account
If you have already created your account and you receive your organization code afterwards, go to the "Account Type" section of the "Profile" page to select the "Enter a promo code" option. By entering your code, you will automatically be linked to your organization as a teacher.

Update subscription

The standard subscription allows you to have more features and create a group to invite users for free. Save an unlimited number of plans and access all your reading results. Perfect for a teacher who wants to try Oplan with his students.
Use PayPal
1. In the application, open the "Profile" page.
2. Select the "Account Type" tab.
3. Select the "Update Now" option.
4. Select the Paypal button.
5. Follow Paypal's instructions which will redirect you to Oplan.
6. Select the blue "Confirm Payment" button.
Use a promo code
If you purchased a Sequence™, you can upgrade to the Standard subscription with the promotional code provided in the device box. Enter the code on the "Profile" page to get the features of the Standard subscription.
Contact us if you are several