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Classroom timer for time and task management

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At a glance,know what you should be doing
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Sequence user guide manual
SEQUENCE™ user guide

A timer that doesn't stress!

A better way to accomplish
Your tool to respect each student's learning pace and help them develop independence. A class timer that doesn't put pressure on their shoulders, while allowing you to be on time.
3 daily problems

Performance anxiety

Whether it is small details keeping you from going forward in your task or the fear of not knowing if you’ll finish everything in time.

Limited feedback

Without information about the elapsed time during and after the tasks, no real feedback is elicited.

Obstacle to autonomy

Students are not equipped to take over an assignment in order to develop independence in completing tasks.

Improve time management in the classroom

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Time management in evaluation situations

Stress, anxiety, increased body temperature and others are disruptors of time perception. The minimal cognitive processing needed for the visual clue leaves all the energy for the task at hand.
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Know what and when at a glance

Our easy to process time cues combined with our plans gets the user into action in one glace.
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Promotes self-regulation and autonomy

By displaying all the information needed and fostering task-engagement.
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Eases transitions

Whether it be a new classroom or a new subject it offers a structure while staying flexible to adjustments.
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Structures group activities easily

SequenceTM and its plans can easily be shared and used in smaller groups, for projects or workshops.
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Excellent for studies, work or daily life tasks

Can even be used to jumpstart your day with a period of physical activity, reading or to help with daily chores.
The average annual increase of college students with disabilities has been 13% since 2014.
Data from the 2019 to 2021 QCHSA statistical reports
Sequence with a printed plan, placed front
Sequence with a printed plan, placed left
Use SEQUENCE™ with Oplan in three different ways
Sequence with a printed plan, placed right

What can SEQUENCE™ do for you?

Set time quickly

Rotation control knob

Easily add or remove time with the control knob. Press the knob to change the unit. Reset time with reset button, press twice to reset all units.

From 0 to 100

Linear LEDs strip

32 LEDs located on SEQUENCE™ can to intuitively indicate the progress of the entered time sequence.

Slow flash to notice elapsed time

At the end of the sequence, the LEDs blink slowly to indicate to the user that the time has elapsed.

Show or hide data

Get more information while playing

With the setting button you can see the information about the current playback.

Measurement of extended time

Know how much more time you take

When the time sequence is complete, the LEDs flash lightly and the display shows the extra time taken. This way you can see how much more time you have used than your initial goal.

Resume last sequence

When you want to resume later

SEQUENCE™ saves your playback so you can resume it later. Ideal for longer tasks.

Set brightness as you wish

4 levels

To accommodate all types of eyes and all levels of sensitivity, Sequence offers 4 levels of brightness that can be adjusted in the settings.

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See how our classroom timer helps teachers and students

To help teacher

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Daily routine
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Study plan
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Written essays
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Given homeworks
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Oral presentations
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Individual work with personalized plans
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Students with special needs

To help student

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Personalized learning
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Group activity
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Daily routine
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Written essays
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Accomplish homeworks
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At home for everyday tasks
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See for yourself!
Sequence user guide manual
SEQUENCE™ user guide