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We started Oplan so all kids can develop a healthy relationship with time and develop a love of learning at school and in life.

Here's why

Our team is made up of individuals who have faced educational challenges in our school system first-hand as students with learning disabilities, as teachers, and as designers. We believe that by changing the way we relate to time, we can improve educational outcomes and foster a growth mindset in all kids.
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When faced with a problem, motivation and genuine willpower find their way to a real solution. During their academic journey, Yann and Jean-Michael built a solution to help students, teachers and other stakeholders to better plan and manage activities, work plan, exams or assignments.

As students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Rosalie and Yann experienced so many of the frustrations and the challenges of trying to manage our time, our schoolwork, and our sense of self in school among so many other things. We found it to be really challenging to not always be competing with time in school because there is so much pressure to complete work, keep up with others, and perform. We were also often led to believe there were only certain ways to do it and that others were already there. 

However, we have observed that it is not only students with learning disabilities who have difficulty managing these challenges. That sparked our interest. What if there was another way to think about time in academic learning and life other than being helpful in large quantities and hurtful when more restricted?

The thing that we learned by reflecting on our experiences and from our research in developing this product is that it’s not about how much time you have but what you learned to do with it. That's what really matters to educational outcomes and personal flourishing. Yann explains:

“I was given extra time to complete exams and a visual timer placed in front of me, but because I didn’t know how to spend that extra time it never helped me. Having extra time and still not improving just increased my anxiety and my fear of failing. It’s only later, when I came to understand myself and my needs, that I was able to reduce my anxiety, stop procrastinating, and start believing in my ability to learn and improve.”

When kids know themselves, their strengths, and the plan at hand, they can develop a healthy relationship with time and become autonomous, confident, and resilient learners in school, at work, and in life. This is what we hope to enable as early as possible in the academic career of all students who use Oplan. 

The Oplan Team
Jean-Michael Fleurant
Co-founder & VP Products
Christophe Chenel
VP Technology
Yann Giroux
Co-founder & CEO
Rosalie Couturier
VP Partnership & Research
Dave Tardif
Pedagogical advisor & VP Education
Philippe Béland
VP Finance

People helping us learn and grow

A big thanks to our


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  • Eric Nguyen
    AI director, HSBC Global banking
  • Nicolas Gagnon
    Director, Teaching Support Service at Université Laval
A big thanks to our


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  • Jean Breton
    Banker, EDC
  • Nathalie Myara
    Professor, UDM
  • Ron Canuel
    Former CEO, Canadian Education Association
  • Mylène Theriault
    Senior Marketing Consultant, Nmedia
A big thanks to our


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  • Georges Saad
    Co-founder, Spektrum Media
  • Jean-Philippe Bonneau
    President, Ambicio
  • Manon Lortie
    Advisor, Entrepreneuriat Laval
  • Luc tremblay
    Co-founder, Apollo 13

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